Life Outside the Classroom


Williamsburg actually provides an incredible opportunity to live in a low-cost area, but still be in close proximity to major cities like DC and Richmond.

A lot of things are walkable from campus. You get the small college town vibe, which I hadn't experienced before.

Williamsburg has a bus and trolley system that's free for William and Mary students to use to get around town.

I've really enjoy going to York State River Park. What I really like about it, is a bunch of great trails.

I know that tons of students enjoy walking down Colonial Williamsburg, which was the first capital of Virginia, one of the original 13 colonies.

The administration at William and Mary takes wellness and student mental health really seriously. They offer anything from different seminars on how to organize your time and stay focused and stress relief. But then they also offer events like people going out and petting dogs in the courtyard just in between classes and stuff like that.

There are service projects for students to get involved in. Some of them are a bit more traditional. Helping out in the local community, working at like a soup kitchen and things like that. But there's also ways to serve your community through actual legal services. There are clinics that students can enroll in. It's been one of the things that I found most rewarding about my time here.

I consider myself really lucky to go to school in a place that has so much charm. And I think that that's one thing that Williamsburg has that not many places can say they do.