Why W&M

  • Our graduates work in law firms, public interest organizations, corporations and businesses, courts, and in federal, state and local government agencies. We consistently rank among the top schools in percentage of recent grads securing federal judicial clerkships.
  • Students come to W&M from across the country and around the world, which encourages the exchange of wide-ranging perspectives both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Our faculty’s commitment to teaching and scholarship ensures that students receive high-quality instruction informed by current research and legal innovations.
  • Williamsburg’s relatively low cost of living and our competitively priced tuition and fees allow our students to achieve an outstanding legal education at a reasonable price.
  • 96% of the Class of 2022 received scholarships from W&M Law.


It is the oldest law school in the country, and you are in Colonial Williamsburg, so you both get your academic and practical skills at the law school, and then you can venture out.

As I started to look into it, I realized that there are opportunities not just to be in Virginia long term but DC, New York, California.

Being an international student, the cost of law school was a very important consideration for me when selecting law schools. And William & Mary really checked that off my list in the sense that it's very affordable, and it has a great scholarship program.

Thinking about having to afford school in a larger city didn't seem feasible to me. I couldn't believe what William & Mary was offering in terms of faculty and student relationships. And just the community that was available, you couldn't get the bang for the buck in other places.

William & Mary has a very diverse student body. There are students from all over the United States. And including myself, there are several international students. I personally come from Japan.

When I was a prospective student looking at William & Mary, the thing that ultimately sold me was talking to students who went here and meeting students who were in the student body at that time. I found that they really enjoy each other's company and were very supportive of one other, and it was not only true of their experience, but it's been true of mine.

Thomas Jefferson founded us with the idea of creating leaders to lead a new nation, and that ethos is still around today. I mean, what makes us so special is that we're creating the leaders of tomorrow.