For the Greater Good

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Walking past the statue of George Wythe and Chief Justice John Marshall sets the standard of excellence and the standard of what we hold ourselves out to be as citizen lawyers, as students, as leaders of the community. It creates an element of accountability within the student body.

Apart from your doctrinal classes, they really, really make you a well rounded attorney, you're going to learn about all of the social issues and your role in those issues as well.

Attending a law school that encourages students to not only become exceptional legal advocates, but also change-agents within our community is a reason why I think so many students choose to attend, William & Mary, we have a common, yet weighty goal of wanting to make a difference in the world.

The William & Mary students that I encounter are so bright, and so driven and kind, that I feel better about the future of our country knowing I've seen some of the next generation of lawyers out there, and they really do care about making the community a better place. So I think that's part of the ethos here at William & Mary and I don't feel pressure to carry that on, but I feel I feel privileged to do so.