Student Life

  • Our faculty, students and staff work together to foster a supportive environment. Because of our school’s relatively small size, our faculty know students by name.
  • More than 40 student organizations, five journals, and four competition teams offer students the chance to become better acquainted with each other and the faculty outside of class.
  • The Student Bar Association (SBA) is our student government organization. SBA serves as a liaison between students, student organizations and the administration. It also organizes major social events such as Barrister’s Ball and annual Ski Trip.


One of the best things about William and Mary is the sense of community that we all feel. I think you notice it as soon as you walk into the school, that it's different than other places. I think, you know, students genuinely like each other.

We have a lot of organizations here at William and Mary. The Student Bar Association is the biggest and most active. And that's like, our student government. Election Law Society is really popular here. We have a very active Black Law Students Association.

There is anything from Law Capella, which is an acapella group on campus, to an honor council.

We have four competition teams here at William and Mary.

A competition team is a really great way to get practical experience while you're in law school. I'm particularly involved in the Alternative Dispute Resolution Team. It's really shaped the way that I look at how I want to pursue my career, and how I want to advance my client's interests in a problem solving way.

We have a Trial Team, and then Moot Court-- which is the appellate level arguing-- and then a transactional team.

And we also do fun events. We do fall formal, barristers, ski trip.

The professors are a really good sport here. They do a lot of things that are embarrassing to them, like a student faculty basketball game, a pie eating contest, the lip sync battle.

There are a number of service events and projects. Overall, student life at William and Mary is fun.

We're kind of all in this together. So it's great to have good people beside you, and a lot of good friends and events to go to, which just helps you feel more a part of this school.