Learning the Law


The academics are definitely challenging here, like in most law schools, but that's part of the reason I wanted to come here is to have that academic rigor. And the classes have been fantastic, so far, because the professors are so wonderful. They're very passionate about what they teach and that makes it a lot easier to get into a tough topic.

We have a beautiful building here. We have a, essentially, very close to a brand new library. And then we have another wing of the building called the Hixon Center for Experiential Learning and Leadership. That's where all of our legal clinics are housed and many of our experiential programs that our students engage with while they are here.

We have a lot of hands-on learning at William & Mary. I have taken part in multiple clinics. And that has been instrumental in helping me understand how to work with clients, just how to operate in the real world legal profession. We also have LLM students here and dual-degree students.

The LLM program is for folks who are lawyers, somewhere else in the world, and they come here for a year. And they study the American legal system. We have the JD/MBA program and the JD public policy program.

We have a number of different journals.

Our students, they write for the journals themselves. They edit the work of leading scholars and learn from that process about improving their own writing skills and their own intellectual skills.

What makes it particularly wonderful here at William & Mary is the very personal student-faculty relationship. I have ten classes of students that send me notes when they have a new baby or invite me to their weddings. And that is extremely satisfying and also a wonderful aspect of the culture here.